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I realized that last post was a little grim — more so than the actual event deserved.  All said, this has been (and continues to be) an overwhelming positive and energizing experience, one that was perhaps a little overdue. The only downside is the occasional reminder of our loss that started us down this road.  Let me explain.

We’re dog people.  Frankly, I’m not sure what that means, but I have a sense that if you ask people who know us well to describe us, sooner or later, you’d get to that-  “they’re dog people.”

And that might not be important to our story except that it was the death of our family member Lacey that precipitated the cascade of events in which we find ourselves.  For all but about 10 months of the last 31 years, we have shared our lives with one or two dogs.  Cassie (1986-2001), then Calico (1995-2010) (they overlapped for several years) and Lacey( 2010-2017). In May of this year, just after a 3-week road trip during which my wife, Lacey and I put over 6000 miles on our new Prius, touching on 13 states and visiting family and friends in South Dakota, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, Lacey developed seizures and after a brief hospitalization, died quietly at home in her sleep.

I think anyone who can be at all philosophical will tell you that life is can be seen as a series of paradoxes, and our story is no different.  This is a story of upheaval and settlement, of death and rebirth, of narrowing and broadening, of simplifying and embracing complexity.

How we got from a beloved friend’s death to here is probably not that interesting, other than to say that if you start examining your life and pulling at loose ends, you shouldn’t be surprised if a few things unravel.

Today we are no longer homeowners and our possessions have be culled down to what can fit comfortably in a 10×15 storage unit and the back of a Ford Ranger.  Our current home is a suite of rooms in what can best be described as a boarding house, run by a lovely lady in Boise’s North End.  And lest you get the impression we’re slumming it, I assure you it’s pretty awesome.  We share the experience with our host, her two children and 4 other residents.  A far cry from our private little estate in SE Boise but so far we’re enjoying the change.


We’re treating this much a like a retreat. A chance for reflection, re-examination and, eventually, planning. A time to be mindful.





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